One of the most prominent business journalists in town, Serwer is the managing editor of Fortune and a regular on CNN's American Morning.

Serwer has spent most of his career with Fortune magazine. Shortly after graduating from Bowdoin in 1984, he started working as a reporter and quickly worked his way up the ladder to associate editor and senior writer, writing cover stories about Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, John Chambers, and Cisco Systems. He hasn't worked exclusively for Fortune, though, writing pieces for Time, Sports Illustrated, and SLAM Magazine. Fortune's managing editor since 2006, these days he's also best known for his Captain's Blog column, which acts as a behind-the-scenes look of the personalities that make up Wall Street. Additionally, Serwer has carved a little TV career for himself as a regular contributor for CNN's American Morning, former co-host of The Money, and habitual guest on the Today show and Good Morning America. [Image via Getty]