Suzyn Waldman is a Yankees radio commentator and occasional TV correspondent. She's one of the first woman to hold a full-time position as a Major League Baseball play-by-play broadcaster.

A Massachusetts native, Waldman is an unlikely baseball commentator, seeing as she started her career as a musical theater actress. With her most notable role being Aldonza in Man of La Mancha, she somehow found her way into the MLB (perhaps she was inspired by her rendition of the song "There Used To Be a Ballpark") and became the play-by-play announcer for WPIX in the mid-90s and can currently be found on WFAN with beloved (or reviled for non-Yankees fans) John Sterling. Waldman has gained a number of detractors over the years—one year she was voted the worst commentator in New York by a Newsday poll—and was criticized mercilessly for overreacting to news that Roger Clemens signing on with the team (she later expressed her embarrassment) and for choking up when Joe Torre was likely to leave his post after the Yankee's 2007 postseason loss, which Waldman deemed "sexist." [Image via Getty]