Hey, American children, stop embarrassing American adults! Jamie Oliver, a man who comes from a country that calls bland, gray blobs of food "dinner," is showing the world that not only do American children eat horribly, they like it.

It's easy to see that children love eating chicken nuggets. They're fried, they're bite sized, they're that benign gold color, and they're cheap as hell, so parents don't mind buying them. But on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which has almost become must see tv, Oliver shows those kids how their chicken nuggets are made by blending a chicken carcass into a paste, adding some preservatives, forming them into patties, and then frying them. You'd think after seeing something gross, they would be turned off.

And you would be wrong. Kids eat glue all day long, why wouldn't they eat chicken glue? Those kids still salivated at the sight of those amorphous blobs of chicken after seeing the disgusting process by which they're made. And that's where the problem really lies—when kids don't even care how gross their food is, and they still want it because it's breaded and fried. If Jamie Oliver cut off his big toe, breaded and fried it, those kids would probably eat it.

Is there a pop-up book version of The Omnivores Dilemma?