Tonight is the first night of Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the Israelites' exodus from bondage in Egypt. It's a holiday with a little something for everyone: Plagues! Miracles! Matzah! Inside, the best Passover-related videos the internet has to offer.

For Jews, Passover means a week without bread and beer, Seders with the family, and the hope that you're finally old enough to no longer have to ask the Four Questions. It means bitter herbs, the hillel sandwich and looking for the afikomen. For the goyim, it means renewing the annual fascination with matzah. For the internet, the possibilities are endless - matzah-related parody songs, useful cooking tips, even the occasional Orthodox gangsta rap. Here are eight clips, one for each day of the holiday. Oh what signs and wonders await!

The classic matzah-related internet video. Originally cropping up a few years ago, this video combines two wonderful Jewish traditions: the observance of the dietary restrictions of Passover and hip hop. The Beastie Boys have nothing on this guy.


Matzo Man
Another take on the glory of matzah.

Matzo Ball Rap
While most people deride matzah for its cardboard-like appearance and allegedly cardboard-like taste, no one can turn down a good matzah ball. And rightly so. Finally, a song that expresses what we've all thought for so long.


Seder Plate Song
One of the key elements of the seder is the Seder Plate, a dish which includes all the elements of the story in food form. In this video, it's depicted to the tune of a medley of Rat Pack-era Pop Standards because who doesn't think of Sinatra and Seders going hand in hand?

How to Break A Matzah Exactly in Half
Anyone who has ever handled a piece of matzah knows that it tends to crack and crumble in unpredictable ways, making it difficult to use a substitute for bread in a sandwich. Luckily, there's now an answer for how to break a piece of matzah exactly in half. Watch and learn, this will definitely be useful later in the week.

How to Make Kosher for Passover Desserts
One of the great joys of Passover, besides haroset of course, is dessert. Chocolate covered matzah has always been a personal favorite, but if you're looking for some other options, take a gander at this video.

Miriam and Shoshana
No collection of Jewish-centric web clips would be complete without the inclusion of Miriam and Shoshana, two Orthodox gangsta rappers. Chag sameach, mofo!

20 Things to Do with Matzah
If you're like me, you probably end Passover with a crapload of left over matzah and have no idea what do with it all. Well, worry no more; this video provides plenty of options.