The cops arrested someone for threatening Eric Cantor over the weekend, proving him right about everything. Here is the threatening man demanding that the film Babe be removed from video stores, because he is God, and Lucifer was a pig.

Last week, Eric Cantor announced that Democrats should not tell anybody about the various insane threats and acts of vandalism that they have been dealing with lately, because that is just "fanning the flames." After he said that, he announced that he gets crazy threats all the time, too, because he is Jewish. Also someone shot his office, with a gun!

It turned out that the bullet just rained from the sky and broke a window in a building that he sometimes uses as an office, because that's just what happens in Virginia, people randomly shoot guns in the air in downtown Richmond, as the Founders intended.

So over the weekend, we assume he told his staff to find someone—anyone!—who'd ever made any sort of credible threat against Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip, a man no one cares about.

And they found a guy! Norman Leboon of Philadelphia was arrested over the weekend for threatening Eric Cantor's life. (According to Cantor's office, he was alerted to this threat several days after his comments.)

This Leboon guy is a real winner! He posted thousands of videos on the YouTube threatening the lives of everyone he could think of, of course, and he is also God.

He is also obviously a liberal encouraged by the violent and increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric of Democratic party leaders and liberal television personalities and talk radio hosts to do whatever it takes to take his country back from the usurpers like Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip, and not just some mentally ill person in a bathrobe.