An enraged customer crawled through the drive-thru window of a South Brunswick McDonald's because his Fish-O-Filet sandwich was taking too long. Inside the restaurant he assaulted an employee, shouted threats, then absconded with his food.

Fish-O-Filet is hands down the worst sandwich McDonald's offers, but it was 4:30AM and the guy was really hungry, so in addition to shimmying through the drive-thru window he shoved an employee around the kitchen, slapped him, stole his meal, and busted his way out of that greasy little hellhole, yelling all the way—

I'll be waiting for you when you get off work.

After exiting through the regular, human-sized door, the fishburglar got in his car—which was still parked in the drive-thru lane—and drove away.

Too bad C-Stone wasn't there to videotape it. [NBCNY, pic via churl's Flickr]