Charles Widmore is taking Flocke's people, Jin Kwan is enticed by baby photos, and holy puck, it's Desmond! Last night's LOST gave us an annoyingly Korean language filled episode with promises of war, revelation, and reunion embraces.

It finally happened, the two semi-old, pseudo-classy, bald men with strong voices finally looked each other over. Is Widmore must be Team Jacob? Because he's definitely not Team Flocke:

After his interaction with Smoke Monster John, Widmore continues to look like the decent guy. He's got night vision, he's got tranquilizer darts, and as we see here he has pictures of Jin Kwan's daughter. He knows what it's like to be a father...

Some father, but you don't want to date his daughter, Penelope. Why? Because apparently even after time-traveling, keeping this majestic island alive by pressing a button for years on end, and hopelessly devoting yourself to various Mama Cass albums you're STILL not good enough to date Widmore Junior. Charles won't even take you out on his submarine without knocking the daylights out of you first, that being said, ladies and gentlemen please let's hear it for the return of Scottish loverboy, Mister Desmond Hume: