At the end of a Jin/Sun-centric episode, last night we got a surprise visit from an old friend. What's this person doing back on our radar? Why was the entire episode, in essence, named after them? Spoiler Alert, duh.

DESMOND! Of course we all knew he was going to come back — the writers couldn't end the show without fully satisfying their mini Odyssey. But it remained a mystery (and still does) how exactly he'd be integrated back in. In theory he was safe and settled-ish with Penny. Though he'd gone running over to Mrs. Hawking and her Pendulum of Secrets to find out some magical mystery shit, he didn't seem integral to the island's mythos in the way the cave people (Jack, Hurley, a Kwon, etc.) are. And yet last night Chuckles Widmore was all talking to Jin about the importance of a particular "package" that would somehow reveal something of Widmore's true intentions. And that package was Desmond. Why's he back? What's his role in all of this? Do you fear, like I do, that he's being brought back for some sort of sacrifice, that maybe Widmore knew all along that Desmond was destined for a tragic end and that's why he wanted him away from his daughter?

Oh and let's talk about the other key player in that scene. What's eating Sayid Jarrah? This whole emotionless, unaffected business is either frustrating or creepy or both. Is the Sayid we once knew and loved now gone? Should we be mourning him? Or is this resurrection cancer somehow curable? I hope we'll get to see our old Sayid again before the show wraps up and we wander into the sea, bereft.

Thirdly, why was Tina Fey asking about electromagnetism? I know that term has been bouncing around for seasons, but I thought in some ways we'd gone past the science and were now firmly in the realm of the supernatural. I was wrong! What's the importance of the scientific phenomena on the island and how do they relate to the whole Jacob/MIB struggle? All of a sudden I sort of trust Widmore — more than the alternative, certainly — and it feels strange. If Widmore is against Evil Locke, then that sort of means he was with Jacob. But Ben was with Jacob, and he and Widmore were not good friends. So is there simply party infighting on that side, or is there an entire third player (Wicked Widmore) in the backgammon game?

No one's ever said this before so I'm gonna do it: Guys, where are we?