It's the only stunt she can think of to stay famous. This actor is trying to stay relevant by switching TV shows and these two actresses ignore each other in public. Come on, kids. It's time to play nice.

1. "This former children's television star is desperate to remain famous. She's made other attempts in the past to keep up with her contemporaries, but nothing has really set her apart. She is planning on releasing something of the sex-tape nature soon, hoping that it will rocket her into the limelight. Not Ashley Tisdale." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This is the time of year when the new shows for the fall and winter television seasons are being cast. For those who are committed to a current show that has already been picked up for an additional season, it is usually smooth sailing. There are even a lucky few who have been offered a role in a new show in addition to their current show. Usually Show 2 is clearly defined as being in second position to Show 1. That is, except for one particular actor who is playing games with his level of commitment to his current show. In public, he is very precise and rehearsed in his wording about how happy and dedicated he is to Show 1, and very gracious about the opportunity to also take on Show 2. In private, it's a different story. He is very unhappy about both the quality of writing and the size of his role on Show 1, and has quietly expressed interest in ditching the first role to accept the second role. His exact words to me were "Get me the f* off this f*ing show!" We don't know if his original contract allows him that flexibility, but he sure seems serious about making the jump." [Blind Gossip]

3. "So, I'm guessing these two people are not friends. This A list television actress was doing some press for her new movie. Her movies don't usually do that well. Anyway, she was walking out of a press conference and at the same time, this former B list movie actress and now lucky to be a C but with A list name recognition bumped into each other. Just some shoulders grazing. They looked at each other, didn't say a word and just kept right on walking. Oh, and they know each other for sure." [CDaN]