The head of luxury cosmetics company Borghese, Mosbacher is better known for her red-maned presence on the social circuit and as one of the GOP's most reliable—and highest-profile—fundraisers.

Mosbacher wasn't born into a life of luxury. Raised in the Midwest by a single mother, she had to work three jobs to put herself through Indiana University. Fortunately for Georgette, she managed to marry well and after her second divorce left her with a small fortune, she turned her eye to the cosmetics industry. In 1988, she purchased the struggling skin care company La Prairie; taking over as CEO—and taking to the airwaves in a series of gaudy infomercials—she managed to turn the company into a moneymaker before unloading it three years later. In 2000, she took over Borghese, a beauty concern once owned by Revlon and later sold off to Saudi investors. Mosbacher quickly shifted the company's direction, cutting the number of products and sales outlets, as well as adding a low-cost line available at Costco. Mosbacher continues to oversee the brand, but it's not her cosmetics company that's given her such a presence in the city, it's her tireless campaigning and fundraising for the Republican party. A veteran on the GOP circuit, Mosbacher was national co-chair of John McCain's campaign in 2000 and currently serves as co-chair of the Republican National Committee's finance committee. She's also a regular on Fox News where she can be counted on to push the Republican party line.

Mosbacher has authored a handful of books, including 1993's Feminine Force: Release the Power Within to Create the Life You Deserve, in which she explains, "I wasn't born a redhead, but I was born to be a redhead." Her 1998 book It Takes Money, Honey offered tips on how to meet and marry a millionaire, how to establish a "secret stash" of money and how to persuade one's husband to sign over ownership of his property. A longtime cosmetic surgery enthusiast—and an avid consumer of hair dye—Mosbacher is also an advocate of permanent makeup, saying "my eyebrows are so pale, I go to a salon every two years to have them tattooed on." [Image via Getty]