Today at Gawker.TV, John Stamos joins The Beach Boys for a performance on Dancing With the Stars, Rumer Willis' girl-on-girl kiss on 90210, Raquel Welch and Martha Stewart discuss their breasts, and 160 of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best movie quotes.

Uncle Jesse & The Rippers Beach Boys Reunite on Dancing With the Stars
John Stamos and The Beach Boys rocked out on last night's Dancing With the Stars, performing a medley that included "California Girls" and "Kokomo." Last night's performance and the clip from that retro Full House episode inside!

The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes
There is one thing that can be taken away from this video, and it's that Arnold Schwarzenegger is unquestionably the greatest actor of this generation.

LOST: The Return of Desmond and the Long Awaited Bald-on-Bald Standoff
Charles Widmore is taking Flocke's people, Jin Kwan is enticed by baby photos, and holy puck, it's Desmond! Last night's LOST gave us an annoyingly Korean language filled episode with promises of war, revelation, and reunion embraces.

Rumer Willis Plays a Convincing Lesbian
90210 went girl-on-girl with Rumer Willis and Jessica Lowndes last night. Who knew a fated lesbian kiss could happen three times in a single minute! Get it, get it, Rumer!

Raquel and Martha Talk About Their Ta-Tas
Martha Stewart and Raquel Welch compare boobies! This is the most chemistry Martha has ever had with any guest on her show. They should work together more, perhaps in an out of this world dance video.