For April's In Search of contest, we're looking for the craziest, most dangerous amateur stunts out there. Any footage you can find that showcases death-defying feats attempted by non-professionals can put you in the running to win this month's contest.

The video to beat in the challenge features a man who floated to 11,000 feet using only helium filled party balloons, ascending tandem with their hot air cousin for safety. Setting a world record with his amazing and terrifying attempt, he floats lazily above the clouds before free-falling back to earth, saved by his parachute.

Submissions must not appear already on Gawker.TV. Factors such as creativity, daring, and overall awesomeness as well as the video's age and page views will be considered in the judging process. Any stunt resulting in, or video featuring death will not be accepted. Standard Gawker Media Contest Rules apply.

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[via YouTube]