We learned last night—via press release—that the recently deceased actor Corey Haim has somehow communicated from beyond the grave that he "misses" D-list actress Hazel D'Jan. (Who, btw, needs to fire her publicist.)

Respected(?) PR firm CAROL LINCOLN PR (caps lock sic) transmitted this shocking press release to us via email, and we pass it on to you unaltered. We can only hope that Ghost Corey Haim's painful yearning for Hazel D'Jan's company will be somewhat assuaged by the knowledge that the upcoming The Science of Cool was made in his loving memory.

UPDATE: We received the following email on April 12.

Mr. Hamilton Nolan:

Re: your article referred on the subject of this e-mail.

We represent actress Hazel D'jan. We don't have any kind of relationship with PR FIRM Carol Lincoln PR and such PR Firm does not represent in any kind our client Hazel D'jan.
We are investigating the source of such mentioned press release in your website as it has nothing to do with our client.
Your annotation of our client Hazel D'jan as "D-LIST ACTRESS" is defamatory and insulting and as a consequence of that we demand immediate correction.

We demand also immediate clarification on your website that this press release DID NOT come from Hazel D'jan official representation and publicist

Thank you and Best regards,

Tayrona Entertainment Group.

Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Mexico, Cartagenal