Vogue editor André Leon Talley is the greatest thing about America's Next Top Model. How good was he at creating fashion insanity this week judging the show's vampire themed photo shoot? Let's look.

Outfit: A black riding cloak over a white shirt with a wide, muted purple tie. A whole new ensemble!

Accessory: On the right flap of his cloak was a giant pin that looked like it said something about security. It was boring compared to the metal and diamond daisy on the left flap that kept getting obscured because of the way he positioned himself on camera.

Education: He taught us his signature pose, which is holding the head with one finger extended to look interested and give a natural face lift. Anna must know this look well.

Agreeableness: He disagreed with Tyra on one girls picture and disagreed with a Noted Fashion Photographer while pushing Tyra's agenda about one girl's signature pose. Continued to ignore the guest judge.

Uses of "Dreckitude": Two, including the newly-coined "Dreckitude Moment of the Hour."

Grade: He seemed looser and more comfortable on camera this week, and even made the best gas face while calling one girl "skanky." Based his colorful commentary and the lovely, overly-accessorized ensemble he gets a: (B+)