Poor, idealistic members of the Blue Man Group. All they wanted to do was build a magical school where preschool kids could smear shaving cream on plastic rainforests under black lights. Who knew they'd have to charge $30k?

These hippie blue performance artists, they want what all Blue Man Group members naturally want, which is to turn their children (and yours) into potential candidates for Blue Man Group membership by filling them with near-lethal levels of whimsy. So they started a preschool in the East Village four years ago.

After a teaching candidate read "The Great Kapok Tree" to a class of first graders, they took interest in the rainforest. A provocateur [one of two on staff] built the classroom into a rainforest, replete with a kapok tree whose (plastic) leaves cover the ceiling...

Another Blue Man inspiration is glow time, when natural or incandescent light is replaced by black light and children transform their environment using props like shaving cream, play dough or glow-in-the-dark blocks to study things like light, shadow and outer space.

Now you have to take a $510 "education test" to apply to this school and the tuition is $28,400.

April Fools?
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