Steve Jobs might have guessed that celebrity Time correspondent Stephen Fry would be a soft interviewer. But the Apple CEO should know photographers can be more dangerous than mere scribblers. Witness the picture of a scarily gaunt Jobs.

Whether Time's Marco Grob intended to make the image-conscious executive look shrunken and splotchy behind disproportionately large spectacles, we chalk the photographer's portrait up as another in a long line of uncomfortable run-ins between the newsweekly and Apple's cofounder. Granted, Jobs doesn't look that terrible; there's a certain mature, sandy glamour in the picture of the CEO, and plenty of 55-year-old executives have worn worse. But it's a bit cruel to run a picture this stark of a man recovering from a liver transplant, which is why this picture has earned its place beside other memorable Time-Jobs moments, like when the magazine detailed Jobs' initial refusal to acknowledge paternity of his first daughter back in 1984, or when it spoiled the debut of a new iMac.