It's a special occasion, folks! If all goes to plan, Season 7 fan favorite Anthony Williams will be joining us in the comments section of this post for our live blog tonight. No, really! That's not an April Fool's joke!

So we'll have a very special guest star. But you know what? You don't have to be a star (baby) to be in our show: This live blog is a crowd-sourced affair, created by anyone who wants to join in. Tonight's episode starts on Lifetime at 10 Eastern, and the live-blogging happens in the comments section below. Anthony, who we affectionately nicknamed Suzanne Sugarbaker earlier this season, is scheduled to join us tonight at 9pm to chat and answer questions (sources close to Suzanne say she is very excited to visit).

For all of your newcomers out there who have come to join the festivities, here is how to join in. Sign into your commenter account (if you don't have one, click the "log in" at the top of the screen and create one and someone will approve you in no time) and then scroll down to the bottom of this page. The comments appear in reverse chronological order, so the oldest comments are at the bottom. If you have something to say, type it in the little box next to the "Share" button below and then click on "Share." Congrats! You commented. If you want to reply to someone's comment, click on the little arrow after the text of their comment and a little box will appear for you to type your response. Congrats! You replied. Be sure to keep refreshing the page so that you can see all the new comments and replies since the last time you refreshed. Congrats! You are live blogging.

Last Thursday's live blog was something of an emotional roller-coaster. For most of the evening, we were abuzz and elated at the prospect of Anthony's pending visit this week—but our buzzy elation turned to bummed deflation when our future guest (and favorite contestant) was unexpectedly auf'd at the end of the hour. To read a collection of some of the many memorable comments from that evening, click here. Other highlights from last week included the following:

  • Commenter Heneage regaled us with details of meeting Anthony at a recent magazine-signing event in Atlanta, and shared a picture of the message Anthony scrawled on Heidi's chest (click here to see it). Many of us debated what the not-so-legible inscription said: "Stay noisy"? "Stay drowsy?" "Stay groovy?" Maybe Anthony will tell us tonight, if we ask him nicely (and he remembers).
  • Several of us noticed that Jay wears nothing but shorts lately. He's like the Lieutenant Dangle of Project Runway!
  • When Anthony said to his newly designed fabric "I love you and I don't even know you yet!," commenter robina said: "I hope he feels the same way about us!"
  • We were puzzled by Heidi's enormous pieces of metal neckwear. One of them looked to me like somebody ate too many gummi bears and threw up on her chest.(But maybe I'm being too harsh? Click here and see what you think.
  • Descriptions of Anthony's ouster included "worse than a hundred puppies dying" (JBing) and "the night the lights went out in Georgia" (MadelineBasset).

Since then, however, some hope has glimmered: Lifetime's episode promos revel that (spoiler alert!) one designer will walk away from the competition tonight, and that a previously eliminated one will return (kudos to commenter BeariannaHuffington for predicting this turn of events last week, in this comment.) Lifetime won't say which designer is coming back, and I don't want to jinx things, but … I mean really, who else could it be?

So ponder that question (but not too hard) while I run through these other things to watch for tonight:

  • After being told that they'll have to create a look for "a celebrity," the designers will learn that the celebrity is (spoiler alert!) Heidi Klum! This is the second time they've done that this season. Maybe Heidi's the only celebrity left who answers Harvey Weinstein's phone calls these days?
  • Jonathan will appear sporting one of the saddest-looking fauxhawks I've ever seen (and I've seen some sad-looking reality-show fauxhawks in my time).
  • The guest judge will be Jessica Alba (so maybe other celebrities do answer Harvey's calls after all). According to Wikipedia, "Alba is considered a sex symbol and often generates media attention for her looks." Good to know!

OK, gang, it's time to sashay on down to the comments section where we can shake ‘n' bake with Ms. Sugarbaker. See you there!