Did everybody catch the title of last week's episode? "I.F.T." Watch along with us tonight at 10 PM EST on AMC.

For those who're not acronym-savvy (don't worry, I don't remember what SCUBA stands for either), it's short for the phrase that shook up Walt more than any drug lord: "I Fucked Ted."

Things got domestic last Sunday as Walt and Jesse moved back home. Skyler called the cops to turn Walt in. Psyche! Despite the show's preview and her repeated threats, she only reported Walt's not-so-illegal "trespassing." Jesse's addiction to Jane's voicemail got cut short when her phone was disconnected. The Twins are revealed to be, uh oh, Tuco's cousins, and Cartel Guy tells Gus to end it with Heisenberg, rĂ¡pidamente. On the divorce front, Skyler squealed about Walt's profitable chemistry to her lawyer. Then, a steamy Xerox room encounter: boss Ted gets smooched by Skyler, who pops a rhetorical question: "Are your kids home?"

Skyler's taken a lot of flack on the communities for her infidelity, so what's your two cents? Is Skyler a two-timing hussy who doesn't understand her man''s efforts to support their family? Or is she a trapped woman, lashing out at a man who's hurt her and trying to protect her kids?

Mary Shyne is a recent NYU grad with a BA in English, which is to say I live in Brooklyn and eat a lot of canned food from Associated. You can read her blog here.