California has finally realized the only way to rescue itself from the sinking tarpit of its fiscal crisis is to pimp out Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's why the Governator is doing ads in Japan, tagged with the slogan "It's-Got-Everything-fornia!"

Japan Probe translates,

Variations of this commercial have been running for a while now, all of them using the pun-tastic slogan "なんでもアリフォルニア," which I suppose would be translated as something like "It's got everything-fornia." In previous versions of the commercial, Arnold himself said the slogan in Japanese, but it now seems they've replaced him with a voice-over. Probably a good idea, given his accent.

Schwarzenegger's political career is following the same arc as his acting one: Begins with a bang as audiences marvel at the surprisingly sexy crossover star (bodybuilding to acting; acting to politics) and after a spell, he realizes how much money he can make shilling in Japan.

In other words, all things end the same way in California: You get tossed down the alphabet ladder of A, B, and D-lists, migrating to ever-more-humiliating shills, until you fall out the bottom with a stint on Celebrity Rehab. (Back in the day, the bottom was porn. Now, sex tapes are how you start a career.) So, though Arnold's ad has been floating around the internet all week, until Dr. Drew makes a cameo to solve California's fiscal crisis, we will continue to marvel at the strong-man governor lip syncing in Japanese. Celebrities are California's greatest renewable resource. [JapanProbe via ONTD]