President Obama played a game of HORSE with CBS basketball announcer—and former NBA first-round draft pick—Clark Kellogg last week. How'd the President do? And how was his trash talk? Watch the video.

Obama is a well-known basketball fan, even if his NCAA bracket went bust last week, so as part of a March Madness segment, CBS Sports sent its ringer Clark Kellogg (former Ohio State all-American and Indiana Pacer) to take him on in a game of HORSE. Only, they called it "POTUS," as in "President of the United States," which is what Obama is.

It was a thrilling contest, if you enjoy watching middle-aged men shoot basketballs, but the highlight was Obama's incessant trash-talking. "Don't tighten up, playing against the President," he told Kellogg. "Let's see what you got, Clark. Everybody's watching." And in the end, he came from behind to win it. Maureen Dowd is already working on her column comparing this game of HORSE to the health-care vote.