According to a new study, 55% of announcements on the NYC subway system are "garbled or incorrect." The MTA responded, "Wokwokwokwok." [NYP; Pic via. Related] Update!

Cate Contino of the Straphangers Campaign writes to clarify:

There were two different kinds of announcements surveyed - basic in-car announcements, which were correct 82% of the time system wide; and announcements made during a delay or disruption. In the delays and disruptions experienced by our raters, 55% of the time there was either no announcement - or an inaudible, garbled or incorrect one. Announcements were not made at all 26% of the time; 2% were inaudible or garbled and 27% were rated "incorrect." These were meaningless announcements that "we have a red signal," ones lacking key information such as, "This local is now an express" (with no explanation), or ones with jargon such as, "We have a schedule adjustment."

The MTA's track record of uselessness and fabrications approaches that of blogs!