Leeah Brennan (pictured) was a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Kansas City. She was canned last year. In a new lawsuit, she says that happened because her boss gave her job to a strumpet who slept with him. (Sexually!)

Courthouse News reports that Brennan's lawsuit claims that KSHB news director Richard Iler fired her after getting into the pants of another aspiring reporter, in an exceedingly calculated manner. From her complaint:

"Defendant Iler expressly told this subordinate employee via text messages that she would have an employment opportunity, namely that she would have a reporter-type position if she had sex with him...Defendant Iler consummated the sexual relationship with the subordinate employee for the first time on march 3, 2009. Within days of the sexual activity, defendant Iler terminated plaintiff Brennan for the purpose of opening an employment position for the subordinate employee."

Now that is some cold-hearted mixing of sex and business, allegedly! It also raises the interesting question of who showed Brennan these alleged text messages, allegedly. Iler's alleged sex partner is not named.

Update: we originally named a woman as the potential employee who, it appears, was not working there at the same time as Iler. Accepting that it was not her, we have also removed comments that discussed her.

[Courthouse News. Pic via]