Just pretend dead, though! Also today: a new, violent-sounding movie starring two non-violent-looking actresses, a great new game show, a movie about legal hookers, and something about the House.

Hey, listen here Mr. Hollywood. Have I got a television show for you. Here's the setup, see. It's a gameshow, yeah? And you win money, see? So it's just regular-like, just your average Joe America gameshow, ya get it? But get this: the whole thing is set... on a skyscraper. Dynamite, right? Really, ABC? Ya want it?? I knew ya would! I just knew it was a crackerjack idea. Just picture it. A game show, on a skyscraper! Just imagine it. [THR]

Canadian stalk of celery Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in a movie called R.I.P.D., a gritty drama about Rhode Island state troopers who band together to take down the corrupt mayor of Providence and then all retire to Block Island. Haaa, no. Just fooling. That would be a ridiculous movie! No, R.I.P.D. is actually about dead police officers, one a rookie (Dame Reynolds) and the other who's been dead for a long time. Together they solve ghost crimes or something. See, that makes way more sense, right? [EW]

Pixie-waif British-types (OK, one's Irish) Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan have both been cast in Violet & Daisy, a "Thelma and Louise meets Superbad by way of Pulp Fiction" movie to be written and directed by the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Precious. Let's hope there's lots of gun-toting and discussion of cheeseburgers. And, actually, eating of cheeseburgers. [TheWrap]

A movie called Love Ranch, in which the improbable duo of Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci play the real-life owners of the first legalized brothel in Nevada, has finally found a distributor and will get a small US release. Please please please tell me Air Force Amy is in it. Or at the very least Madame Suzette. Someone, anyone from Cathouse. Well, not Dennis. Really, Air Force Amy would be ideal. [THR]

Do you like Nurse Jeffrey, the creepy looking nurse character on medical mystery series The House? Well I sure hope you do, because you're going to get a whole lot more of him. He's going to be the star of a new iPhone app series (this is a thing, evidently) called inHouse. Which means, I'm assuming, that it's pornography. Filthy, filthy nurse-related pornography. About the House. [EW]