Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai fixed the recent presidential elections, and now he is blaming the UN for doing that. He is also threatening to join the Taliban and generally being kinda nutty. Diplomat Peter Galbraith says he is on drugs!

Galbraith, a longtime diplomat, resigned from the US government in 2003 and wrote a book about how disastrous and stupid the Iraq war was. He was the Deputy UN Envoy to Afghanistan, but he was forced to quit that because he pointed out the massive electoral fraud Karzai was carrying out, and then the UN decided to quietly lobby Karzai to stop being so corrupt behind the scenes instead of making a fuss about it.

So Galbriath is the guy who's basically made Karzai's election malfeasance a story in the international community. Which is why Karzai personally blamed Galbraith for fixing the election.

And so Galbraith went on MSNBC to say that "some of the palace insiders say that [Karzai] has a certain fondness for some of Afghanistan's most profitable exports."

Now, they took that to mean heroin or opium, but Galbraith might've just meant fruits, nuts, and handwoven carpets. But still, "palace insiders!" Can we send Mark Halperin to Afghanistan, to write Game Change 2 about this election, with juicy off-the-record quotes from these insiders?

(Previously, in 2005, David Byrne [yes] said Karzai was a pederast!)