The sole survivor of the Camelot White House, Caroline Kennedy is a writer, philanthropist, and keeper of the Kennedy flame.

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy was just six when her father, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. She later moved with her mother Jackie to a penthouse at 1040 Fifth Avenue. She spent her teenage years at Concord Academy before attending Harvard, where she studied fine arts. Caroline largely managed to avoid the limelight during her younger years: She dabbled in journalism for a spell, later turning her attention to the arts. From 1980-85, she worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before taking time out at the end of the decade to attend law school at Columbia and raise a family. For the past decade or so-and particularly since the death of her mom in 1994-Caroline has been increasingly active in the public sector, writing/editing books and working with a number of philanthropic organizations like raising money for the New York public school system and working with the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and the American Ballet Theater.

In a rare foray into the center of the spotlight, Kennedy took to the campaign trail in 2008 to stump for Barack Obama, along with uncle Ted Kennedy. After Obama's selection of then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Kennedy expressed interest in being appointed to the vacant seat, only to withdraw from consideration for "personal reasons."

Kennedy married interactive media/exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg in 1986. They have three children-Rose, Tatiana, and John-and live on the Upper East Side. [Image via Getty]