Police have shut down six businesses for allegedly selling weed through their back doors and even over the counter. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said of the Chris Restaurant in Crown Heights: "At lunch it turned into a veritable pot-luck event."

The businesses, which include a cd store, restaurants, a deli, and bodegas, were moving around 170 pounds of weed every week. Daaaamn! Two pounds of weed and $300,000 in cash were confiscated yesterday by police.

Some patrons of Chris Restaurant, like Tony Richards, were suspicious of some of the clientele. From the Times:

"You see people go in and come out with a brown bag," he said, adding that he assumed the bags held carry-out food.

You assumed correctly, Tony. Yeah, these store owners were pretty stupid. Reminds me of that fauxhemian girl who openly advertised and sold pot brownies (she set up a sidewalk table and used her home phone number on flyers) on Bedford Avenue several years ago. Brilliant.

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