Gawker.TV, Tina Fey's daughter has high expectations, a time-line of failed broadcast television networks, proof that the Lost castaways are all about love, and Slash performs wearing an "I'm with Coco" pin on The Tonight Show.

NBC Attempts to Edit Around Slash's Team Coco Pin
When Slash was booked to perform on last night's Tonight Show, NBC surely didn't think he would show up wearing an I'm with Coco pin. But, he did. Slash went on Leno's show to proudly and somewhat brazenly show where his loyalties lay in the Late Night Wars.

The Good Old Fashioned Loverboys of LOST
These guys care about one thing, and one thing only. Love. The big doe eyes and gentle demeanor of Charlie, Desmond, and Daniel set to the music of Queen asks, "Could the real heroes of the island be the lovers?"

Dead Air: A Timeline of Failed Broadcast TV Networks
In a 1961 address to the National Association of Broadcasters, then FCC Chairman Newton N. Minow famously described TV as a "vast wasteland." Well, it's also a graveyard, filled to the brim with the bloated carcasses of dead networks.

Tina Fey's Daughter is Destined for Greatness
Tina Fey's daughter Alice has got to be the funniest 4 year old ever. This morning on Regis & Kelly Fey talks about her daughter's aspirations to be a special kind of dancer. Don't kids say the darndest things?

Stephen Colbert Weighs In On Global-Warming-Skeptical Meteorologists
Stephen Colbert opened his show with a discussion of the debate that has been taking place between the pretty, perky meteorologists on your favorite news channel and the nerdy, unsightly climatologists in Washington who think they know everything.