While on the rebound from a relationship of 3 years, Leah got more than she bargained for. Twins! Along with that she got doting Corey, who's employed and has a house. But she can't stop thinking about Robbie...

It all seemed perfect.. Leah was a cheerleader, and she was in love, and she was ready for her senior year of high school. But, the love faded, apparently along with Leah's desire for regular birth control use. She meets Corey at a party one night, and—uh-oh! It's that pesky unpreventable pregnancy thing again!

So she's knocked up with twins after being with Corey for a month. This could be the makings of a tragedy, as we've seen worse from stable, longterm couples only having one kid. But Corey is a champ and willingly steps up to the plate. He's already graduated from high school and will work two jobs, get a home for himself, Leah and the babes, and will even go so far as to sell his most prized possession: his truck. Hey, this is West Virginia, give the guy some credit. But when Corey and Leah go to check out a vehicle that can accommodate two carseats, a little "accident" ensues.

This ends up being a heartwarming moment. Doesn't the couple who laughs at peed pants together stay together? Everything remains peachy, even throughout complications leading up to the babies' arrival. Leah nearly gives birth at 6 months, but is rushed to the hospital where her labor is halted and she's ordered to remain on strict bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Any activity could trigger contractions. She only breaks this rule to move and unpack in her and Corey's new house..?

Anyway, the babies end up coming six weeks early via emergency C-section. And things move as swimmingly as they can in their little nest until Leah returns to high school for her last semester. All those happy high school memories come floating back to her—cheering at the big games, sneaking out for lunch, and hangin' out with Robbie. She especially misses that. Thus begins the downfall of Corey and Leah.

I don't know how those babies can sleep through that racket! Sheesh. Leah begins slipping into the role we usually see dudes fall into on 16 and Pregz.. i.e. "Can I go out and leave the babies with you?" "Don't get mad at me, I'm allowed to live my life!" etc. Meanwhile Corey is as good-humored as can be expected, though the Robbie thing starts to slowly wear him down.

Oh yeah, for your own edification, here's that dreamboat Robbie.

Corey displays a great deal of maturity, however, through his sorrow over Leah's drifting away. This upcoming scene is a bit lengthy, but I weep for his tears and my heart breaks for his heartbreak.

So they split. Corey moves out. Leah attempts to reconnect with Robbie, but he's too weirded out by the twins. She realizes raising two babies alone is difficult, and begins to miss Corey's support. Eventually she begins to miss the love too. It all comes to a head when, on Valentine's Day, she runs into Corey's friends who inform her he's at the McDonalds with Paige and Amanda. Leah bursts into tears as the bitter taste of what she had and gave up becomes ever stronger.

I was mad at her for backwardsly, selfishly leaving Corey, but she can't be totally blamed. She's young and was unsure in matters of soulmates and love, in a situation most teens never have to face. In the end Leah and Corey work things out as well as they can, but the damage is done and Corey's heart is in tiny pieces, never to be mended. Leah's made her bed and has to lie in it, and despite her two little daughters, it's cold under them covers.