Tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart continued his harsh criticism of the Catholic Church—and, specifically, the Pope—regarding its handling of several pedophiliac sex scandals that have caught the media's attention as of late. The controversial video, inside.

As he always does, Stewart brilliantly outlined several inconsistencies between the Church's principles and its actions. However, it was the most shocking allegation against the Church—that Pope Benedict personally prevented the firing of a priest who was convicted of molesting more than 200 deaf boys over a 20-plus year period—along with the fact that the Pope has since been defiantly unapologetic about the controversy and chalked it all up to manufactured hype by the American media—that served as the straw that broke Stewart's back.

Here's how Stewart summed it all up:

If any other organization had done anything close to what the Church is being accused of, they'd be done! The Church is barely showing any contrition—for God's sakes, look how sorry Domino's was just for their shitty pizza! They had a bad sauce recipe, (and) they've been out there nonstop. ‘Oh, we're so sorry. Here, have some Crazy Bread!'

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