Well, that's it. China's eventual world domination has been the subject of speculation for years but today it is official. Coke has given China a delicious new green tea-flavored soft drink. And we don't even get it!

It's called Spritea, and it's a "carbonated blend of local green tea flavors." Sounds good. But just to show how much they love China, Coke is only releasing the drink there. (China is the biggest market for Sprite.) And they staged a huge launch celebration in Shanghai complete with a performance by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou. According to Ad Age, Chou "gave an "Avatar"-like 3-D performance on screen and stage, transporting fans into an inspiration-filled wonderland." Not fair. Does Coca-Cola hate America?

We want green tea-flavored Sprite, too! We would totally drink this! Where's our 3-D performance? Although it is a slippery slope. In a few years, we may only be able to choose between weird Chinese soft drink flavors. Red Bean Dr. Pepper or Bamboo Shoot Diet Coke?