Midwestern jihadist David Brian Stone, leader of the Hutaree militia, was secretly recorded by an undercover FBI agent saying he was going to fight the "new world order" and kill cops. Stone's lawyer says he was just talking shit.

CNN has the tape, on which Stone rants about the "brotherhood" of police officers who are controlling America, and how he will finish the fight that they started.

People in this nation as well as some around this world are waiting for those individuals like you see sitting in this room to actually make the decision to go to war against this evil, greedy new world order," Stone says on the tape.

They need leaders who are not afraid to stand up and actually mean, 'No more.' We are free and we should not be afraid or ashamed to admit that we are the American militia. We outnumber them. As long as we let them terrorize any American through fear and intimidation, then they are winning this battle and we should step up to the fight that they have started and finish it."

Stone apparently wanted to form his own country out of 4 counties in Michigan. From there, he could wage war against the corrupt US government, shoot down black helicopters, plant roadside bombs, and live in a heavily armed utopia and all that. But Stone is just a "crazy" white guy, not a "terrorist."

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