They're pretending to reunite in public, but the truth is a different matter. This actor is covered with bruises thanks to his wife. This famous pair terminated a pregnancy—well, at least she did. Partnership sure is dangerous.

1. "We know it's always surprising to hear about couples who split a long time ago without our knowing it. This good-looking acting couple is another example. They've each done at least one long-running series, and have done many film roles. They've each been red-hot at some point, but have both cooled off in the career department. Errors on his part, rumors on her part. While he was definitely not the ideal family man, she didn't turn out to be an angel either. They publicly split, then got back together, saying that they were going to renew their wedding vows. You probably didn't know that the renewed vows never happened. In fact, the couple is already divorced. While the story isn't out there yet, at least you now know the naked truth." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This former A list television actor and former B list movie actor is now on a hit cable television show, but he is probably just a B- now. Big, big name recognition though. He is married to an actress. Anyway, he recently has been sporting bruises all over his body. When his friends asked how he got them, our actor said it was from a new kick boxing regimen. Actually though they are a result of his wife toppling a full bookcase on our actor after she caught him passed out drunk on their living room floor. He had told her he was sober now." [CDaN]

3. "These now middle-aged celebs met while working on a project when they were just kids. They allegedly slept together back then and carried on a relationship under the radar. To this day, not many people know they had a relationship. What is even less known is that there was a terminated pregnancy that resulted from the love affair. As far as we know, the two have had little contact since. Not Justin Timberlake." [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which macho sports star has a secret penchant for slim dark men? The fella in question has a girlfriend but made a play for another man at the weekend..." [UK Mirror]

5. "Following our story last week that someone has been using the floor of the Daily Mail office for their number twos, comes a story from the Financial Times. So just who was responsible for the copy of a tabloid newspaper left in the Gents' toilets? The one which was open at a picture of Daniella Westbrook, and streaked with semen." [Popbitch]