This week the beloved American clip-show declared a peeing Chihuahua the funniest video in our fair country. A couple was awarded them $100,000 for capturing this kind of genius, prompting us to ask, "REALLY?!"

I think anyone with an interest in watching videos on the internet could rattle off a list of at least ten viral videos that are much, much funnier than this. Heck, our site is full of them! (I should also note that we do love them, and post clips daily.)

Here's the clip of all the finalists and their home movies, followed by the announcement of the winner:

So, is America's Funniest Home Videos completely over—or is it just targeted to people who don't use the internet? Or... are we all just jealous because we'd also like $100,000 for our crappy home videos? Weigh in below.