The Way We Live Now: Hobbling about with our hand out for a hand out while the real winners carry an ever-increasing burden to support the rest of us lazy bums. When Republicans are right, they are right. Whatta pisser!

In this world of ours, you have winners and losers. Winners are the successes and losers are the losers. As long as the winners are in control of things, you have a world with a high percentage of win. But when the losers start getting their hands on the levers of power—which happens from time to time due to the unfortunate natural gyrations of the capital markets—things get sad quickly (for the winners). Is America going to become a nightmare land where Ayn Rand is always right? We fear it maybe so.

Today we see that AG Lafley, the former CEO of P&G, is joining a private equity firm, where he will doubtless add to his already immense wealth. Typical winner behavior. Sure, he could have retired to any number of private islands to count his fortune while being caressed by a bevy of hired beauties for the rest of his days. But he didn't; he returned to corporate life to help take over a few more troubled companies, rape them with debt, and take hefty managment fees for doing so.

And what does our listless society do to thank these men for their work? We increase the tax burden on our highest earners, thereby punishing success. Hey tax-n-spenders: when you tax all the money away from the high earners, guess who has to pay next? That's right, the low earners. So why not tax the low earners first and save us all some time? Math, look into it. Heh.

Then comes the predictable cry to prevent any banks from becoming "too big to fail." Too small to care, instead? Loser mentality, losers.

Fortunately, the winners are starting to fight back. They're charging you money to piss during an airline flight. They're making sure that the homeless stay out of illegal boarding houses and end up where they belong, on the streets. Also the winners can buy more guns so, "win," as they say in the USA.

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