Today at Gawker.TV, Fox and Friends' interview with Miss America is just depressing, Ugly Americans visits New Jersey, Justin's new-found sexuality inspires a "Coming Out" surprise party on Ugly Betty, and the best celebrity cameos in commercials.

Celebrity Commercials That Were Actually Good
It's easy to make fun of celebrities for being in dumb commercials and embarrassing themselves. Like Seth Green for Nerf. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Japan. But to find celebrities acting well in their natural habitat in a commercial is hard to find.

Ugly Betty: How Not To Throw a "Coming Out Party"
Last night the Suarez clan decided to throw a party for Justin, who is gay. His mom accepts him fully, which is awesome. What's not awesome is throwing a surprise "Coming Out Party" when he's not ready to come out.

Colbert Drinks Hello Kitty Wine and Performs a Circumcision
Colbert has a knack for taking the mundane and turning it on it's head. This time, Colbert found out about Sanrio's diabolical plot to market delicious, fruity wine to minors while simultaneously selling it to adults.

Fox and Friends Inadvertently Shows the Sad State of America in Interview with Miss America
What can appeal to kids and adults alike? Dairy Queen Blizzards! In this clip, Miss America, Caressa Cameron, briefly mentions that the Blizzard tour is for children's education and instead focuses on the ridiculous looking Blizzard mobile.

Ugly Americans Zombifies New Jersey
Tonight's episode of Ugly Americans re-imagined a post-demonic apocalypse New Jersey, zombie race-hate and all. With storylines like this, we can see why this show is gaining fans at an exponential rate each week.