It's no secret that The Marriage Ref leaves something to be desired. Luckily for the viewing audience, tonight's episode featured Tracy Morgan talking about his belief in ghosts and his desire to impregnate other people's wives. Ensuing video hilarity inside.

Now, to be fair, there was a lot going for this episode of The Marriage Ref aside from the 30 Rock star, including his fellow panelists Kathy Griffin and Nathan Lane. But as hilarious as those two are in their own right, they could barely hold a candle to Morgan, a man whose mere presence seems to make everyone in the vicinity keel over laughing. Don't believe me? Well, here is Tracy's brilliant performance tonight in four parts:

Part 1: In Which Tracy Teaches Tom Papa About The Definition of the Word "Thick"

Part 2: In Which Tracy Tells America He Doesn't Like Eating "Fish" and Continues To Hit On Someone Else's Wife

Part 3: In Which Tracy Teaches Us How To Catch Ghosts

Part 4: In Which We Learn That Ernest Borgnine Is Tracy Morgan's Father