Gorilla Coffee—Park Slope coffee house and bean supplier to indie Brooklyn dripperies—appears to have suffered a total employee walk-out last night. What kind of sweatshop was their "oppressive hipster-in-chief" (a local blog's designation) running?

And: Who will step up to fill the vacuum in Brooklyn's locally-roasted coffee mafia wars, now? (coffia? cafia?) Coffee blog Sprudge and neighborhood blog Fucked in Park Slope report from the scene of the insurrection. Here's FIPS:

We got intel from the dudes at Sprudge that Gorilla Coffee had every employee walk out last night on their oppressive hipster-in-chief. Baristas, roasters — everyone!

I went on a down-n-dirty inFIPStigation this morning, and it's true: Gorilla is indeed closed. I guess indefinitely (???), since there's not a note or anything on the door...

Sprudge confirmed it this morning. One of their commenters adds,

100% true. Everyone gave written resignation and walked out after the tyrants refused to comply with basic respect. How long this will last and whether or not an agreement will be reached is still yet to be answered. But the baristas (former rather) of Gorilla Coffee deserve much props for their guts. Norma Rays of coffee.

Emphasis mine. [FIPS , Sprudge, pic via Sprudge]

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