Jones is the loudmouthed former co-host of The View, archenemy of Barbara Walters, and former wife of the exceedingly masculine Mr. Al Reynolds.

A North Carolina native, Starlet Marie Jones popped up on the pop culture radar as a prosecutor/talking head on CourtTV during the OJ Simpson trial in 1991. Jones was soon commenting on everything, whether it was court-related or not, and in 1997 she was picked by Barbara Walters to be a member of the original cast of The View. She stayed on the show for nine years before being spectacularly canned and replaced by loudmouth muckrake, Rosie O'Donnell.

Although she was on The View for nine seasons, the feuds over her wedding freebies (which she earned from name-dropping vendors on the show) and questions about her mystery weight loss (for the record, she had gastric bypass) led to Jones' contract not being renewed in 2006. Not one to leave quietly, she announced her departure on air without telling producers or her co-hosts beforehand; by the next day, Jones' photo was missing from the show's opening credits, and Barbara Walters was announcing through gritted teeth that Jones had been fired. In 2007, Jones was tapped to host an eponymous TruTV show. She spent several months delivering heavy-hitting interviews with A-list celebrities (former child star Dustin "Screech" Diamond, disgraced actor Isaiah Washington) before the show was cancelled in early 2008, and then took a stab at Celebrity Apprentice.

Jones married mustachioed ex-banker Al Reynolds in 2004. (His sexuality was a constant source of speculation during the relationship; that he seemed to spend more of his time hanging out at gay bars than with his wife might have had something to do with that.) The couple announced their divorce in March 2008. [Image via Getty]