Today at Gawker.TV, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show reunite over Loretta's death, Barbara Walters talks cock, the best "Drink Responsibly" alcohol ads, Hoarding: Buried Alive, and the Celebrity Apprentice contestants can't sink a basketball shot to save their lives.

Barbara Walters Describes Being Caught Between Two Penises
It's no surprise that Marina Abramović's exhibit at MoMA ended up as a hot topic on The View. It's filled with naked people! Watch as Barbara Walters tries to describe her visit to the show as delicately as possible.

Celebrity Apprentice Contestants All Suck At Basketball
The contestants on the The Celebrity Apprentice are not the most skilled bunch. First we learn that one of them can't use technology. And now we know that none of them can shoot a basketball as well as the Donald.

Loretta Brown's Death Leads to a Cleveland Show and Family Guy Crossover Reunion
Cleveland's ex-wife saw her dramatic end last night and since she lived Quahog with no next of kin, Quagmire volunteers to deliver her remains—but not without dressing her up and boning her dead body first. That's soooo Quagmire!

The 10 Best Commercials to Get You to Drink Responsibly
Contrary to what you might think, not every commercial for an alcoholic product features guys acting like jerks to each other in order to secure an extra sip of Budweiser. Some are interesting stories told well.

Buried Alive and Separated by Space
Hoarding: Buried Alive wavers between being a sad self-esteem boost and a depressing dose of perspective. Last night, Cindy and Pam got help with their debilitating hoarding.