Former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears was added to Obama's Supreme Court Short List™ today. In addition to her considerable judicial experience and "relatively liberal" outlook, she also apparently likes to edit her own Wikipedia page.

On May 6th, a user named LWsears1992 edited Leah Ward Sears' Wikipedia page, adding the clause "Based in large part on her highly regarded record" to a passage about how she defeated an opponent in the 2004 race for Georgia Supreme Court. (Georgia is one of eight states that have the sort of weird policy of electing Supreme Court justices.)

Of course, this could just be a huge fan of Leah Ward Sears who has devoted their Wikipedia career to improving her page. But it is suspicious that LWSears1992 claims ownership of the image of Leah Ward Sears. Other edits to Sears' page by LWsears1992 included adding that she was the "first"—not simply the "only"—"African-American female chief justice in the United States." And clarifying that she was resigning from the Supreme Court "when her term as Chief Justice ends." (As opposed to, you know, some sort of crazy scandal.)


If it is actually her, Sears follows in a long tradition of celebrities editing Wikipedia pages to their benefit. (God knows we'd be all over that shit if we ever became so deserving.) While this editing might have worked for Bush's Supreme Court selection methods—remember Harriet Miers?—we're hoping Obama uses a more through vetting process than simply looking up potential Justice's Wikipedia pages.

As you might be able to tell from this post, however, looking up Justices' Wikipedia pages is the extent of our own research. Leah Ward Sears: Done!


(H/T to tipster Kyle M.)