The Way We Live Now: Reacting quickly. No sooner did we issue a call for a savior to soothe our nerves and promise us that this recession is over, than one appeared. Riding a stock rocket to the moon!

The brave Recession-Is-Over dissenter come from a country none other than the US of A! Pride in the screamin' eagles, of economics! One Robert Gordon totally told the waffling "it's not over yet" crowd that not only is the damn recession over, it is "obvious" it is over.

Couldn't even pick out something that was obvious, the rest of you. Really great economists, you are.

With this assurance in our back pocket—along with a roll of ones!—we as a nation are all set to take a jaunty trip to a little land I like to call DOW ELEVEN THOU. In this magical land, the Dow has risen back above 11,000, but you should still put your money in it. Because it will keep going up. Go on, just do it. Put your money right there, in the stock market. Good.

High things go higher! And low things, by the transitive property, go lower. Therefore, out in the depressing city of Colorado Springs, where things have already been cut and cut, the city is still cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting, and cutting, back on services, because of not having money. Contrast this published fact with the assertion of another economist in the liberal New York Times that "Humanity Loves, and Needs, Cities," and it all adds up to a banner day of economists failing to tell the people of the USA what they need to hear.

Which is, spend money! On me, preferably.

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