Today at Gawker.TV, Dutch Comedy Central recreates South Park with real kids, how to become a TV extra, True Life looks at life with Neurofibromatosis, Kevin Eubanks' retires from The Tonight Show, and we dissect Castle's Late Night Wars episode.

Castle's Late Night Wars-Inspired Episode
Did it live up to the hype? No, but they did kill Tom Bergeron and got Fred Willard to play the Leno-type. They also worked in the greedy network executives and of course—the intern. More Inside.

Dutch Comedy Central Makes Real-Life South Park
To promote the new season of South Park, Dutch Comedy Central made this live-action video featuring our favorite kids. It seems some things are better animated, and Cartman's girth is one of them...this kid doesn't have nearly enough authori-tay.

How to Get Yourself on TV
Are you dying to see yourself inside the TV machine? Let's make your dream a reality and get you entire seconds of camera time as an extra. Follow these tips and you'll be seeing stars in no time.

Kevin Eubanks Officially Announces His Retirement From The Tonight Show
Earlier this evening, Jay Leno brought out his longtime band-leader Kevin Eubanks who confirmed months-old rumors that he will leave The Tonight Show after 18 years of, in his words, playing America into a commercial break.

True Life Introduces America To An NF Victim Who Dreams Of Skinny Jeans
Meet Amber, a nineteen year old college freshman with a debilitating genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis that affects her nervous system and one very big dream: to wear a pair of skinny jeans. Video of her heart-warming tale inside.