Today we took at look at how overprotective parents are ruining prom, prompting many of you to reminisce about your own prom experiences, be they drunken or sober. Here are some of our favorites.

From PimpMyCouch:

I can't remember how I got to my prom - I think my parents dropped me off - but the afterparty was at a lake about an hour out of town, as was tradition (this was also for wet grad, too). Of course, I didn't make it - the cops pulled over our car and sussed out that we had beer in the trunk, and being minors, made us pour it out on the ground before going to bust up the party. They didn't find the mickeys we had in the back seat though! We spent the night having a few drinks up at the cutbanks and were home at a decent hour, because the kids who were driving didn't get drunk.

Also, my date asked me to go steady that night, and we danced and kissed to "Almost Paradise". I'm so embarrassed.

From TellAllYourFriends:

Winner of a Junior Prom story right here. First off, I wrecked my car right outside my hair salon on my way to get my hair done. I was so wigged out about looking ABSOLUTELY PERFECT that I almost totaled my car. Fabulous. In addition, a lot of my friends in my limo had dates that were either seniors, or college freshman. Word apparently got out to our parents that a big after party was going to be held in a clearing behind a Christmas Tree farm. They decided that rather then let us end up at a party with beer (quelle horror!), they would buy us all tickets to the midnight showing of The Matrix II. They also rented the limo for additional time so the driver would pick us up and drop us off (this, mind you, was after my fathers friend, who is a limo driver, couldn't drive us. My father wanted eyes on me ALL night). We, being the scheming teenagers we were, managed to fanagle a few of the guys out of the limo, and we planned to have them pick us up and the movie theatre so we could party it up anyway. The hour had arrived, and we bursted out of the movie theatre, ready to party it up like we'd always imagined. Turns out, a few mothers had decided to SIT in the movie theatre parking lot to ensure we remained confined to the theatre. Once it was made obvious we weren't going to sit through the entire movie, we all ended up back at one of the girls houses, cooked hot dogs on her back porch grill, and slept on the concrete next to the pool. Prom of dreams, I tell you.

From DairyCat:

I went to prom all four years of high school (because I'm a floozy, obvs) and all four years it was this huge to-do about how drinking WILL KILL YOU. In order to go to prom as an underclassman you had to take a freaking after school class where they showed you pictures of car accidents that were "all after-prom-related." Then, we had this grandiose week long death celebration where the cool kids walked around to classrooms and touched other cool kids to "kill" them. Then those kids put on all black and painted their faces white and couldn't talk all day to symbolize what it would be like if all the cool kids died because of alcohol.

In my version of that story, it would have been fucking awesome because I could eat my peanut butter sandwich in the band hall by myself without being teased and Kelly Fucking Dobson wouldn't have told everyone I made my own prom dresses. You know what Kelly? Alexis Vogel totally wore that dress better than you did at the 1999 prom, and everyone agrees.

And really, I didn't realize I could even procure alcohol before the age of 21 until the school told me I could. Thanks for that, anonymous Texas suburban high school

From javysan:

Oh times have truly changed! For my prom (RFK HS in Queens Class of '96), all the Latino kids (all 16 of us!) went to a Spanish Club in Astoria for the after prom. 3 hours later (and four bottles of Aguardiente!) we were back in the limo, off to either a pool hall and then the beach to watch the sunrise! I guess this would somewhat be cost prohibitive today, so I just am thankful that I had the night of my life!

From SybilDisobedience:

I went to my prom on acid. In my defense, it was in the local hoity-toity country club and I hated approximately 65% of my senior class, so I felt I had no choice but to show up completely nutters on LSD. And it worked! I had a marvelous time. And laughed at the swan sculpture made of shrimp for approximately six hours.

And our favorite...