D'Onofrio is the exceedingly intense actor who played Private Pyle in 1987's Full Metal Jacket and most recently starred as Detective Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent before the show's cancellation in 2011. Brooklyn-born, D'Onofrio grew up in Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida before returning to New York in the late '70s to start an acting career. During his early days as an actor in the city, he paid the bills as a bouncer at the Hard Rock Café and made do with parts in NYU student films. After his breakthrough in Full Metal Jacket, D'Onofrio was a busy character actor in the '90s, bouncing between dramatic parts and less serious roles. He didn't have much time to devote to films once he was cast as Bobby Goren on Law & Order in 2001, but he did manage to play a surly dad in 2005's Thumbsucker and Vince Vaughn's neurotic brother in 2006's The Break-Up. He announced his departure from Law & Order in 2009, but returned for a final season before the show's end on June 26, 2011.