Most shows have tension building up before a revealing episode airs, but with LOST, nobody is ever completely sure what happened, nor does anyone catch all the secrets that were revealed. The Top-5 places for day-after essentials after the jump.

1. The Official Lost Podcast features some really in depth interviews with the LOST deities, Damon and Carlton, as they drop subtle hints that grow more and more intriguing as the series reaches it's conclusion. PROS: You really do feel that you are being let in on an important VIP conversation with guys that aren't just the greatest scribes of the LOST trope, but also just quality conversationalists CONS: This one very rarely goes up the day after, you can often find yourself listening to this one.

2. Geronimo Jack's Beard is a go-to podcast because the host is actually one of the stars of the television show. "Hurley" may not have the kind of theories a physics PHD might come up with, but Jorge's voice resonates with fans, and he is able to have some really up close and personal talks with his friends, or should we say the cast and crew?

3. LOST Untangled - These didn't start out as essential viewing, but the addition of a puppet-Pierre Chang for recaps of this season really makes this quick-and-easy wackiness filled reflection go down smooth. It's actually pretty hilarious, I think this is the perfect recap to last night's episode:

4. Not all day-after follow-ups are audio and videocentric. Major newspapers put their writers on task, and Todd VanDerWerff at the Los Angeles Times always grabs some great info. For instance last night, did everybody catch The Seinfeld reference? Flash-sideways Hurley is so full of love he even gives George Costanza's "Human Fund"

5. Best Week Ever's Dan Hopper's recaps are always funny, and while last night's episode is not on the site this week due to Hopper's jet-setting, the last posts funny-images-with-speech bubbles are worth a look.

And while we can't include (I'm not cursing, just writing out a URL) as a recap or podcast site, we can say the LOST memes they find on a constant basis make that page just too damn fun to look at to not give it a mention.

There are a ton of podcasts and recaps out there, so LOSTies what are some of your favorites? With just a month left, time is of the essence! Inquiring minds need to know before it's too late.