Unmarried conservative scold Laura Ingraham attended a party at George Will's house last night, and Joe Biden was there. Instead of stabbing him with an oyster fork, she took a photo and posted it to Facebook. Her fans are disappointed.

How could a true patriot like Ingraham, who regularly subs for Bill O'Reilly on Fox News when he's busy rubbing deep-fried balls of mashed chickpeas all over terrified interns in the shower, stand there and smile next to a terrorist like Biden? It's almost as though her angry, thuggish rhetoric about the corrupt and malevolent hacks in the White House who are destroying America because they hate white people is part of some carefully constructed narrative designed to excite and engage viewers, who watch advertisements between segments! And then she hangs out with these people when the cameras aren't on. Shameful.

Anyway, some of Ingraham's Facebook friends were upset that she didn't actually kill Biden when she had the chance, some were worried that he would try to fuck her (don't tell them she dated Keith Olbermann), and almost all of them feared that she had been infected with Biden's filthy commie germs. Then one guy wrote about how "the difference between Liberals and Conservatives, is Conservatives are above the pettiness and are friendly to everyone," and then someone "sharted," the end.