Even as your dreams get dashed one by one. Lizzie had a full future planned: college, marriage, professional flautistry... But motherhood shoves all that off the table. Still, she adjusts her ambitions and carries on.

It's junior year of high school. Lizzie finds out she's pregnant, will miss senior year with all its trappings, can't participate in school band (her favorite!), and will be living at home for the foreseeable future. Remarkably though, Lizzie takes it all in stride. "Adaptable" may as well be her middle name! Reflecting on life before the baby bombshell, Lizzie calls it "perfect" - filled with friends, flute, school, and Skylar. That's her boyfriend of eight months, and they're so in love. Though he's a bit mumbly and awkward, he seems like another sweet, slightly-more-decipherable Corey in the making!

He goes all the way and asks Lizzie's father for her hand in marriage, which... Pops doesn't really seem to grant, reasoning that just because the baby was rushed into doesn't mean marriage should be. Nevertheless Skylar soldiers on. Here is the gawky proposal.

Skylar moves in with Lizzie and her mom (parents are divorced though they all still "hang out") and the two prepare the nursery together and get excited for their impending little parentdom. Even after sidelining her dreams, Lizzie still sees plenty of perfection in her life.

Peachy! As perfect baby time gets nearer, Skylar picks up some extra shifts at the thrift store, beginning serious planning for the change. But one day while Skylar's on the job, Lizzie begins receiving alarming and annoying text messages. Surely it's just hurtful rumormongering... Skylar cheated on her with Kristy after junior prom? It can't be true! It just can't be. But when Lizzie confronts Skylar, her worst fears are realized.

But... where is the wailing, the thrashing, the screamy reproach? i.e. the general scorned woman deck of cards? Again, Lizzie nearly astounds with her composure. She merely says her piece, does what needs to be done, and she and Skylar go separate ways.

Naturally, though, loneliness soon sets in and Lizzie rationalizes: a) the infidelity happened a long time ago, b) Skylar is different now, and c) it's best for the baby that they work things out. Plus, she thinks there is some real love between them. That's not to say it'll be a totally smooth ride back to good, but it's worth the effort to get there. She lets Skylar move back with the promise of making it up to her, though she makes him leave the ring at home. But it turns out her choice was auspicious, as four days later Summer is born! And it looks like they are indeed good together, and with their little baby.

Did he make that song up? Pretty impressive. Seemingly, their only troubles have to do with money and Skylar's (and Lizzie's dad's) disappointment that she drops her classes to be with the baby. Instead of trying out for the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, pursuing her second-choice option of ultrasound technician, or even taking classes at the community college, she decides she'd rather stay with the baby and take home courses in medical billing, as it makes pretty good money. Summer's happiness is now Lizzie's main priority, in an excruciatingly admirable way.

So, despite the life revisions she's had to make, and despite any clouds on the horizon, Lizzie seems to focus only on the practical and positive. She has a lot of support, perhaps most importantly from Skylar. What's with this string of non-abhorrent dudes? 16 and Pregnant, you goin' soft on us? Either way, let's hope the future is bright for these little sweethearts! Seems like they deserve it.