Whoa, hey, don't hog all the heroism, 1987 Pulitzer Prize-winning former photographer and current assistant professor of new media at San Jose State University Kim Komenich! You can win a Pulitzer, but to stop a bank robbery, too? Whoa, hey!

Komenich was standing in line at a bank when the man in front of him decided to rob the place, and handed the teller a note. That's when Pulitzer Winner Kim Komenich totally bear hugged the robber, foiling his dastardly plan:

Police found Komenich and Fernandes still entwined in their awkward embrace. They quickly arrested Fernandes and his two suspected accomplices, who had remained in the customer waiting area.

Good photographer and good bear-hugger. Gurl U No U need 2 Get U some Professa Kim Komenich In Ur Life.

[Mercury News]