Demonic tabloid sex columnist Andrea Peyser went out to investigate these "Tea Partiers," and guess what: "They're not your father's rednecks." Um, okay? Instead, they're "The majority." But rednecks were the majority in my father's day! What?

Andrea attributes this whole Tea Party thing to citizens "Disgusted by massive government bailouts and skyrocketing taxes." Which is actually not factual! Anyhow, "Insanely, lefty Hollywood has joined the increasingly fringe Pulitzer Prize committee to gang up on party animals." So... that's an important issue, for animals. Then Andrea finds a black man in the Tea Party, which is significant because, you know.

Later Andrea calls Oprah a "big, fat phony" lesbo. That's the Andrea we know and love! Never allow politics to lure you away from us again, Andrea.