South Park has shown that it excels at making fun of celebrities for their egomaniacal nature and of the oversensitive reverence paid to religious figures. Last night's episode brought both together and the result was simply magical.

After Stan calls Tom Cruise a fudgepacker, because of his job packaging fudge at a candy factory naturally, Cruise can't take the ridicule any longer. He convenes a high celebrity council meeting to discuss the ills that South Park has visited upon all of them.

The town of South Park then meets to deal with Cruises demand: that they produce the Muslim prophet Muhammad. The townsfolk are awfully perturbed by this as they believe that violence is inflicted on anyone who shows an image of Muhammad. If only those Dutch cartoonists had been this worried!

Back at Cruise's place, the other celebrities don't understand his Muhammad play. When Cruise explains that he intends to steal Muhammad's power to be free of ridicule. In classic South Park fashion, this leads to slamming a bunch of random celebrities, in a way that, if their plan were to succeed, could never happen again.

Stan and Eric go to meet with the Super Best Friends to see about getting Muhammad to stop by South Park. It doesn't go well. This is primo South Park right here, blasphemy and Saturday morning cartoons fused together.

But, an agreement is reached, and Muhammad arrives in South Park hidden inside a mascot outfit that shows no part of his body. But, just when he is about to be turned over to Cruise and the celebrities, a new foe is introduced. Who will win the battle to be free of ridicule? We're all gonna have to tune in next week to find out.